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High performance polymer modified tile grout with non-shading color technology

weberjoint deco is a high performance polymer modified tile grout with non-shrink properties, excellent workability for grouting tile joints in wet and dry areas for internal and external application.

weberjoint deco is a high stain resistance, and anti-cracks tile grout with non-shading color and very low water absorption characteristics.

weberjoint deco  is produced with cement and special additives that provide the product excellent properties to meet the requirement of the standards ISO 13007 Class CG2 WA (EN13888) and ANSI 118. It is also available in a wide range of attractive colors (please consult our color chart board).

Surface of application

External floor, Floor, Roof, Wall

  • Non-shading color technology
  • Anti-cracks joints up to 7mm
  • Water resistant High abrasion resistance
  • Stain resistance Low shrinkage smooth finishing Large range of colors
  • Mixing water ratio as per the data sheet
  • Apply 24 hours minimum after standard tile adhesives application
  • Apply 4 hours minimum after fast-setting tile adhesives application
  • Apply 14 days minimum after tiling with traditional “site-mix” mortar on floors (minimum 3 days for walls)
  • Substrate must be fully cured, set and dry prior to grouting
  • All traces of oil or grease must be removed
  • All loose particles of mortar or tile adhesive in the groove must be physically removed (joints should be emptied to at least 2/3 of the tile thickness)
  • Avoid excess of water while cleaning to prevent discoloration of joints
  • It is recommended to use a moist sponge rather than excessive water pouring for cleaning the tiles and the dried grouts
  • Do not spray water under high pressure and avoid using any chemical cleaning agent on the grout until 3 days after the application

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