WEBER 370 PF – 4 KG


Two-component cement based corrosion protection and bonding agent.

weberep 370 PF is a two-component slurry with high degree of alkalinity used as a corrosion protection for reinforcement steel in concrete. It has a good adhesion on steel and concrete and is highly impermeable to water, carbon dioxide and other acid airborne gases. weberep 370 PF protects durably reinforcement steel from corrosion.

Surface of application

Wall, Floor, Roof

  • Highly impermeable to water
  • Good adhesion on steel and concrete
  •  The surface must be clean, dry, free from greasy matter, oil or rust
  •  Rust on reinforcement steel may be removed with a wire brush or by sandblasting
  •  Stir carefully with a mechanical mixer until a smooth homogeneous consistency is obtained
  •  This slurry is to be used during its pot life


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