Pre-mixed cementitious paste for fair face concrete

weberep 360 FFR is a dry pre-mixed cementitious coating based on hydraulic binders, siliceous filler, water retaining agents and other admixtures.

weberep 360 FFR is available in white and light-grey.
  • Smooth finish attainable
  • Applicable over large areas
  • Available in white and light grey
  • The substrate should be sound, clean free from any dust or demolding products and oils
  • The surface should be moistened in hot weather
  • The surface should not be overheated or frozen
  • The paste should be mixed vigorously until fully homogeneous
  • Clean tools with water immediately after use
  • If the application temperature is higher than 35°C, make sure to use cool water to keep the mixed mortar temperature below 30°C
  • weberep 360 FFR should be cured with clean water for at least three days by spraying twice a day


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