WEBER REB 332 FR – 25 KG


Non shrink thixotropic fine repair mortar with fiber

weberep 332 FR is a ready-to-use mortar composed of silica sand (reconstituted grain size range), special cement, microsilica, fibers, and additives that provide specific properties: non shrinking, thixotropic, high strength, high adhesion, compactness. Its very closed grain size slows down carbonation.

Surface of application

Wall, Roof, Floor

  • Non-shrinking
  • Fast-hardening
  • Good resistance to sea water and to high-sulfate water
  •  Remove damaged concrete and laitance
  •  The area must be surrounded by clean edges
  •  Remove dust from all surfaces to be repaired
  •  Saturate the surface with water just before application
  •  Must be used within one hour from mixing
  •  Re-mixing with an extra amount of water is forbidden
  •  Thickness : 2 to 20 mm in one coat

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