Cementitious tile grout

weberjoint is a cement-based pre-mixed non-shrink grout, used for filling tile joints in wet and dry areas.
weberjoint is water resistant, easy to apply, and can be cleaned easily. It is a thixotropic, crack-free, non-slump grout that only needs to be mixed with water. It is also available in a wide range of attractive colors (please consult our color chart board).

Surface of application

External floor, Floor, Roof, Wall

  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Thixotropic Non-slump grouts
  • Water resistant
  • Non-shrink grout
  • Crack-free
  • Only need to be mixed with water
  • Large range of colors
  • Mixing water ratio as per the data sheet
  • weberjoint thin for joint width 1 to 4mm
  • weberjoint thick for joint width 4 to 8mm
  • Apply 24 hours minimum after standard tile adhesives application
  • Apply 4 hours minimum after fast-setting tile adhesives application
  • Apply 14 days minimum after tiling with traditional “site-mix” mortar on floors (minimum 3 days for walls)
  • Substrate must be fully cured, set and dry prior to grouting
  • All traces of oil or grease must be removed
  • All loose particles of mortar or tile adhesive in the groove must be physically removed (joints should be emptied to at least 2/3 of the tile thickness)
  • Avoid excess of water while cleaning to prevent discoloration of joints
  • It is recommended to use a moist sponge rather than excessive water pouring for cleaning the tiles and the dried grouts
  • Do not spray water under high pressure and avoid using any chemical cleaning agent on the grout until 3 days after the application

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