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ASMACO GOLD UNIVERSAL MULTI FOAM B1 is quick setting single-component polyurethane foam with re retardant properties. It meets the extremely stringent requirements of DIN 4102 Part 1 for Construction Materials; Class B1 where fire ratings up to 240 minutes are achievable. Once cured, the foam can be cut, sawn, or plastered over after only one hour providing the working temperatures (can and surfaces) are between +5 to +30oC, ideally 20oC. (Tested according to BS 476 part 22).

Features :

  • High degree of fire rating: slows down the passage of flames and smoke.
  • Quick setting – can be cut, sawn or plastered in 1 hour.
  • Economical in use – 300% Triple Expanding foam.
  • Fills irregular and broad gaps where most conventional fillers would fail.
  • Possesses insulating and sound deadening properties.
  • Non flammable propellant.
  • Excellent adhesion & filling capacity and high thermal & acoustical insulation valve.
  • Excellent mounting capacity and stability.
  • Adheres to almost all building materials with the exception of surfaces such as polyethylene, Teflon, silicone, and surface contaminated with oils and greases, mold release agents and similar materials.
  • Mould proof, waterproof, over paintable.
  • Quick drying, moisture curing.
  • Closed cell structure, resistant to water absorption.
  • Cured foam dries rigid and can be trimmed, shaped and sanded.
  • Suitable for sealing high volume low moment gaps.
  • It does not contain any propellant gases that are harmful to the ozone layer.

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