DEWALT Cordless Drill Driver 12V DCD778

So, the dewalt dcd778 is a rather new entry into Dewalt’s lineup of ever-increasing power tools. It is meant to be a compact battery powererd hand held drill that works on battery power and it seems to be quite well implemented towards that goal.

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There is very little to complain about this machine looking just at the specifications. It packs in quite a bit of power in a relatively small form factor. Certainly not the smallest, but it’s not something totally unusable with one hand either. It is packed with features and with initial looks, it wouldn’t be that hard to pass this off a much more expensive machine but the good thing is that it comes at a very reasonable price. However, the specifications don’t always tell the whole story so here’s a deeper look into what this machine offers and if this is indeed the right fit for you.

Brushless motor design: This is a really good feature to have on any tool simply because of how many benefits you get from it. A lot less overheating, improved efficiency, better control over the blade and very easy to replace. It’s very nice to see a brushless design pop up at this price point and hopefully it becomes a more popular trend. 15-clutch settings: These 15 precise settings allow the user to have complete control over the motor so that you’re always in control and can make the tool work just the way you want it to instead of adjusting yourself for it. LED light: This is more of a quirk than a feature but its nice to have nonetheless. The drill supports an LED light that illuminates right in front of it so the material is clearly visible no matter the natural lighting conditions. Lighter battery: Batteries are often one of the heaviest components in a cordless tool but in this case a lot of efficiency has been achieved by keeping the battery smaller and lighter while also maintaining its original capacity. Balanced grip: There is a textured grip on the handle and this combined with a very ergonomic design of the tool makes this very easy to use for anyone. The handle is long and thick enough even for larger hands and the button placement is excellent throughout the design. Long battery life: The battery on this is definitely smaller and lighter but its capacity is still very good and could easily last you a whole day on standard workloads that this is meant to work on. Anything heavier and you will start to see dips but that is the case with every other cordless tool out there.

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